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hey everyone,
i think this community is a really great idea.

anyway this is my bike
or at least this a picture of the same exact bike i have, minus the
basket holder. i dont have a good camera to use right now, so i hunted down
my bike on google.

and this is my doggie, mr. bojangles

actually, i've sorta got sad stories for both. bojangles was taken about two months ago, and no one has
responded to the flyers i put up. and tiger (my bike) had it's seat stolen about a week ago. the seat
was big, fat, brown, super comfy, and had springs, (sorta like the one in the pic). it completely made the bike, and someone ripped it. no one has responded to flyers i put up about it either. but i think i may have found a good replacement.

anyway, i just bought this super amazing vintage (70's maybe) schwinn roadbike for all of.. $3! it
needs a seat, some pedals, rear brakes need fixing, and probably new brake pads. im really excited
about fixing it up and once i do i'll post pics.
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