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longest post ever.

i don't have any pictures of my bike right now and i'm kind of ashamed of it, anyway.

this is my kitty at my mom's house:

here she is plotting to eat my fishies

other kitty. yes, that balloon is attatched to her.
no, she didn't notice. fatass.

i've had that doggy since i was around 2 or 3 years old. my kitty sticks her butt in his face.

doggy from my mom's and doggy from my dad's having a playdate

puppy at my dad's who we give silly hair styles
i have countless hilarious pictures of this doggy, but they're on my computer in NY. i will post some when i get the chance.

and let me be the first to say, as you will probably agree, that this community should also include musical instruments.

which i don't really have any good pictures of right now

this is what my room looks like when i'm writing a song

200 watts... wanna buy it off me?

i'm gonna get a lizard a little while after i move(next monday) and i'm also gonna get a new bike when i have a job.
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